US News & World Report: Go Easy On Yourself As You Enter Retirement

People entering retirement for the first time are heading down a relatively unknown path. Work and the responsibilities of raising a family have been the primary focus up until this point, and we have gotten pretty good at taking care of it all. When we leave work behind, we enter a new world filled with promise and high expectations.


We are entering a time in our life when we hope to do everything we have always wanted to. We are free to choose activities to fill our day. This is our second act, and our time to focus more on our personal passions. Even if we do not know exactly what those passions are, we have the luxury of free time to figure it out. We should allow ourselves to savor the moment.

It is not uncommon to feel pressure to know ahead of time what you will do when you retire. You don’t want to waste this valuable time, and so you might feel antsy about getting started on something worthwhile. Rather than slowly evolving into your retirement life, you might jump at the suggestions of others, such as volunteering, traveling to your dream vacation spot, or starting an encore career.

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