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Keith Adams, Executive Director of Teachers Together discusses problems teachers face in retirement planning and offers some solutions through his organization.

Did you realize, the typical Teacher with 25 years of service in Texas, will retire with net spendable income from TRS of less than $1,700 per month! This is a huge problem which will affect retired Teachers for 15, 20, 25, or even 30 years!

Equally disturbing, are the facts that:

  • 67% of Teachers do not have a personal retirement plan!
  • Most Teachers will not receive Social Security
  • Those that do receive Social Security benefits for themselves or from a spouse will see the benefits drastically reduced
  • Trillions of Dollars have been lost in retirement savings accounts due to stock market declines
  • In addition to providing knowledge and information from an educational approach to K-12 Teachers, Administrators, and School District employees so they can make educated decisions regarding life after they leave the classroom or school administration. We guide Teachers in developing a plan that will allow them to retire with financial dignity.

    We guide to Teachers to a better confident of:

  • TRS Benefits and how to calculate their projected retirement benefit from TRS
  • How to calculate their retirement income gap
  • The various options to fill their retirement income gap
  • All available saving options for a 403(b) Tax-sheltered Savings Account (TSA) and the pro's and con's of each option. 
  • The risk associated with today's stock market and economic environment
  • The negative impact of fees and stock market losses in a 403(b) TSA
  • The importance of safety and security in your 403(b) TSA
  • Actions you need to take as you approach retirement

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