Building An Employee Financial Wellness Plan , With Financial Planner Denver Nowicz of Scottsdale, Arizona

There is a trend towards financial wellness programs at the workplace due to lower productivity of employees and increased healthcare costs due to financial stress, says financial planner Denver Nowicz, of Wealth For Life in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

It is very easy to implement a financial wellness program and Nowicz goes to the workplace 4-6 times per year providing workshops on a variety of financial topics.  He works to drive employee engagement at those events because he says employees to who attend say they feel more in control of their finances and as result, there's a greater sense of loyalty towards their employer for providing them with that education.

Studies show that the higher the income range, the bigger the fear there is of running out of money during retirement, says Nowicz and through the wellness programs, they show employees how to add a guaranteed income stream, such as an annuity, to their 401k. 

Denver Nowicz is with Wealth For Life and can be reached at 480-970-5663.  Nowicz spoke with Retirement News Today, providing online, on-demand, retirement news video content.

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