Retirement Planning Rethinks For 2015

Robert Stammers CFA Institute

Robert Stammers CFA Institute

Marketwatch contributor Robert Stammers of the CFA Institute discusses an article he wrote an re-assessing your retirement goals in the new year. His article cites 4 important areas for consideration: diversification, debt management, unexpected expenses and the importance of getting professional advice.

Money Management

He writes that this is a good time to "freshen your money management skills and review your level of fiscal discipline. Although you want to build an investment portfolio that can take advantage of (or is insulated from) many different potential market scenarios, the reality is that no one can predict what return the market will provide. The only thing you can directly control is the amount of money that you accumulate to invest. Optimizing the amount of investment capital is also a significant part of investment management, which is about increasing the probability of reaching your investment goals."

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